Our Beginning

In the first 51 years of Ed Hearn’s life, he has lived that which must individuals never get to experience in an entire lifetime. When he speaks about becoming “a champion of life” and overcoming tremendous challenges, he speaks from experience.

In 1986, he fulfilled his childhood dream as a member of the World Champion New York Mets. The following year as a Kansas City Royal, he was set to make the “million dollar bank deposits” today’s professional athletes are accustomed to. But suddenly, a serious shoulder injury brought a premature end to what had promised to be a brilliant career. Determined to overcome this untimely setback, he made a successful transition into the “real world.” But ten months after his baseball career had ended, he was diagnosed with three very serious and potentially life threatening health conditions. In one short year, he had gone from being a big, strong, highly conditioned athlete to a man who was too weak to get out of bed without assistance.

Today, after 3 kidney transplant, battles with cancer, the aid of a breathing machine each night, an IV treatment once a month, and thousands of dollars worth of medication per year, Ed has come back to live a very full and inspiring life. His faith, coverage and motivation speak volumes to us as we face life’s challenges.

But what really makes him so uniquely special is his genuine desire to empower and uplift those around him. In today’s society, it is rare to find individuals who have achieved heights of success, yet also been blessed to experience life-changing challenges that have forced them to grow as individuals in the understanding that there is a far greater purpose in life.

The past eighteen years, Ed has dedicated his life to the new purpose of making a difference in this world as an author and professional speaker. He has studied and honed the skills of communicating the wonderful lessons life has taught him through unique experiences with “the thrills of victory and the agony of defeat.” Consequently, he has become the first and only professional athlete from our country’s major league sports to be awarded the prestigious Certified Speaking Profession (CSP) designation from the National Speakers Association. Additionally, of the 5,000 plus speakers of the International Speakers Association, only 7% have been honored as CSP’s.

When you combine all of Ed’s story and attributes, it certainly presents a very powerful and marketable platform from which very few can offer their insights, wisdom and encouragement. He has quickly become one of the up and coming stars of the professional speaking industry. Ed Hearn is truly, a man who can, and does make a significant impact on the lives of those of whom he comes in contact.

Yes, it has been impressive to watch this man, who seemingly lost so much, battle back to turn such challenges into such a positive and inspiring situation. But it has been said, “what lies behind and what lies before you pales in significance when compared with what lies within you.”

Hence, befitting the characteristics of any true successful individual to always strive toward making the most significant contribution possible, Ed Hearn is now turning his passion for speaking and writing efforts to fulfill what he now refers to as “His calling.” The Bottom of the Ninth is a step toward this “Higher Calling.”


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