About Us

Our Mission

As a 501c(3) organization, it is The Bottom of the Ninth’s mission to equip, support and provide resources to uniquely qualified role models who are committed to boldly rebuilding the spirit and character of our nation through personal testimony, mentoring, motivational presentation, and inspirational products.

The Game Plan

The Bottom of the Ninth embraces a bold vision to be a growing, dynamic organization that supplements the efforts of such groups as (but not limited to) local schools, youth programs, churches and other nonprofit community service organizations that are focused on the continual edification, inspiration and redevelopment of higher moral character standards in our society.

Founder, Ed Hearn, whose unique life circumstances and dynamic communication skills over the past twenty-five years, has positively impacted countless lives through his powerful message at hundreds of business meetings, conventions, public school assemblies, and nonprofit events around the country. He combines his experiences as a World Series champion and survivor of a career-ending injury and debilitating chronic illness to reach deep into the heart of human experience to help others find hope, purpose and the character in the midst of life’s triumphs and tragedies.

The Bottom of the Ninth has purposed to expand and support the unique, testimonial platform of Ed Hearn and others like him who have been endowed by God with special stories, abilities or talents, yet would otherwise not have the means to devote themselves to nonprofit groups, churches, and community organizations. We desire to reach out to those who might otherwise not have the opportunity see, hear and learn from such an inordinate level of character role models.

Initially, most projects have been an extension and expansion of the work Ed Hearn has done through his speaking and writing. Even though Ed feels that in the past fifteen years he has been able to impact many lives through his corporate speaking, the development of this foundation is an effort to maximize his platform in areas that he and others could not provide without the time and support of others.  Such efforts can only be accomplished, with the financial support of corporate America, public and private foundations, and individuals that desire to see Godlike character development taught and modeled to all whom we can afford to influence.

In addition to Ed Hearn, eventually, other role models will be identified to further multiply the influence. In doing so, the long term goal of The Bottom of the Ninth will be an effort to stimulate and support other talented, exemplary local role models who, by being available to lead by word and example, can have a very positive impact on the character development of our local communities.  (i.e., Dick Hathaway – “Natural” Mr. Universe Bodybuilding Champion who became afflicted with Leukemia; he had a bone marrow transplant; lost all his hair, fingernails, & fifty pounds of muscle mass while defeating this deadly condition, yet two short years latter, he had come back to again, regain his title.)

Our goal is to support and strongly encourage these kind of role models to maximize their influence and talents to as many venues as possible without relying solely on the resources of organizations that have their own pressing financial needs.

In order to maintain the purity of the Foundation’s ultimate purpose of boldly rebuilding the spirit and character of this nation, each future role model/presenter will be thoroughly screened and must maintain certain the following criteria:

  • Live a lifestyle worthy of imitation;
  • Possess a special talent or gift to attract and captivating for those we intend to influence;
  • Have a strong desire to rebuild the character of our community; and
  • A willingness to be compensated at a small fraction of their fair market value. 

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  • Wow, what an inspiration! To have lived every boy’s dream, loose that dream, loose your health…your story has, and will continue to, touch millions of lives. You go boy, go!
    Oprah Winfrey
    The Orah Winfrey Show
  • It is really exciting to know a man like Ed Hearn - a former major-leaguer whose head is squarely placed upon his shoulders and who is striving to make a positive difference in the lives of all he meets.
    Zig Ziglar
    Motivational Speaker